Full Range of Services

Our vehicles services department does anything from light truck maintenance and inspection to complete engine overhauls. Whether it’s a small repair or custom fabrication work, we are here to service your vehicle’s needs.

Dynameter Testing and Tuning

Our in-floor Mustang Dynameter gives us the ability to simulate up to 20,000 lbs of towing resistance in a safe and controlled environment. With this equipment, we can duplicate customers’ stubborn concerns that arise only while towing/hauling heavy loads. In addition, our dyno is an asset when custom-tuning your Engine and transmission to their full potential!

Diagnostics / Repairs

Our OEM/dealer-specific equipment provides us with several key benefits. Our tools allow us to accurately diagnose problems with your vehicle, which means we can quickly identify the issue and provide a precise solution. We also have access to manufacturer-specific information, such as technical service bulletins and wiring diagrams. These help us diagnose and repair complex issues that may not be possible with generic scan tools. Our OEM computers also allow us to program and update certain vehicle modules with OEM software, eliminating the need to bring your vehicle to the dealership.

Transmission Repairs and Upgrades

Whether you need a simple transmission fluid and filter service, mild internal upgrades, or an entirely upgraded unit to go behind your performance engine build, our transmission specialists offer quality components with an industry-leading warranty!

Injector Testing, Repairs, and Sales

For diesel, Gas, Automotive, or Heavy Equipment, our off-site fuel lab has been trusted to give reliable and accurate test results for your fuel injectors. We can clean, repair, or offer replacement components for all your fuel injection system needs!

Routine Maintenance / Servicing

Valley Fuel Injection offers all routine maintenance services such as oil changes, fuel filters, and all fluid flushes at dealer recommended intervals.

Brakes and Suspension

We provide high-quality brake and suspension upgrades/repairs. From brake pad replacements to complete suspension overhauls, we have the expertise to get your vehicle back on the road safely and smoothly.